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With nearly 40 years of experience, AFRECOM has been able to accompany several projects in its fields of expertise.

  • Rural development
  • Implementation study for the rehabilitation of the hydroagricultural perimeter of the MPourié area - 1,500 hectares
  • Development of the Maghama VI area - 250 hectares sharp
  • West Brakna Hydro-Agricultural Development Project (PAHABO)
  • Opening up roads Kiffa / Kankossa / Teneha : Environmental Study
  • Feasibility study and detailed preliminary project study for the Aioun - Gogui - Nioro road: environmental study

Agriculture Irrigation
  • Public works and civil engineering
  • Update on the Sangrava - Moudjeria - Tidjikja road study
  • Maintenance of the Nouakchott-Kiffa – Nema road and reinforcement of the Nouakchott - Boutilimit road and Aleg – Kiffa road
  • Opening up road Tiguientt – Ocean
  • Nouakchott and regional capitals social housing program
  • Architectural and execution study of the Halima Hotel in Nouakchott - Conduct of business.

hydro agricole
  • Economical and social development
  • Land surveys in Brakna and Gorgol
  •                Road maintenance program in Mauritania
  •                Inter-dune depressions between Rosso and R'Kiz: flood recession
  •                Development plan of three watershed ponds : Bouhabcha, Ould Legroune and Tektaka.
  • Urban and rural hydraulic
  • Sanitation of the rainwater of Kiffa
  • Monitoring and follow-up of construction and rehabilitation of 11 dams
  • Water ressources development project of the Nouakchott-Nouadhibou and Tiris-Zemmour areas
  • Drinking water supply : pipes Idini-Nouakchott
  • Drinking water supply to Nouakchott from the Senegal River: Aftout Es Sahili.

  • Energy
  • APD and DAO studies for the 90 kV high voltage lines and affiliated posts for Aleg - Boghe (70 km).
  • APD and DAO strudies for the 33 kV lines and affiliated posts for Aleg – Boutilimit (105km), and Aleg – Sangrava (140 km).
  • APD and DAO studies for the 90 kV lines and affiliated posts for Selibaby – Ould Yenge ; KAnkossa – Kiffa (210 km).
  • APD and DAO studies for the 90 kV lines and affiliated posts for Kiffa – Tintane (140 km).

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